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April 16, 2020

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Meet Your Fairy Doglymother

Each week during the course of the Leap Venture Studio, our 3-month accelerator for pet care startups, we will feature one of the seven companies in our cohort.


Cory Turner grew up in a house full of dogs thanks to her mom, Jane. Today, Cory and Jane have transformed their love of dogs into Dogly — a marketplace that brings together recommended products, trainers, nutritionists, holistic vets, and wellness experts to help dog parents get answers and worry less.

Dogly was founded in 2015 by this mother-daughter duo after Cory experienced the daily stress of caring for a dog on your own for the first time. Through the Dogly website and social media platforms, dog parents can learn from certified dog care experts (called Advocates) and shop for highly curated, vetted products.

“We want to help people feel more educated and supported,” said Cory. “Having a dog should be an amazing experience, but there are daily stresses. So many people have knowledge to share and we want to be the backbone of knowledge sharing in the pet market.” For the thousands of questions that arise in the lifetime of a pet, dog parents know that they can trust the Dogly Advocate community to provide answers and support.

Pet parents can work with Dogly Advocates in a few different ways. They can message with them 1:1, schedule a video consultation, or join their communities filled with other like-minded pet parents and get access to exclusive content from Advocates. They can get answers on a one-time basis or through memberships with access to Advocates across nutrition, positive reinforcement training, rescue, wellness, and more. They also get 10% off all Dogly products!

Cory and Jane learned about Leap Venture Studio by joining the Kinship community Slack channel and decided to apply after hearing about the growth of Leap Alumni who took part in the program. Cory says they are excited to be a part of a diverse cohort of startups. She adds that each company has a unique offering and business model, which helps Dogly learn new ways to grow their community and brand. The partnership between Kinship, a division of Mars Petcare, and Michelson Found Animals brings together mentors and industry experts, which Cory says is the greatest value of the program.

Over the next decade, Dogly foresees pet parents caring for their dog’s health and wellness in the same way they care for their own personal health. Dogly will be there with recommendations for supplements, advice from holistic vets and nutritionists, and a community of like-minded pet parents to connect.

Like many are trying to do in human healthcare, Dogly sees a world in which every pet is able to receive the same care with more affordable pricing and access. “We’re trying to make care more accessible and more affordable through our advocate network. We really want to help keep dogs healthy and happy so we can all worry less and enjoy life together more,” says Cory. Dogly is here to be your fairy doglymother through all the ups and downs of living fully and well with your dog.

BY Isabel Havens

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